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Hello welcome to Slate Rigg Farm Holiday Cottages

We are Dawn and Keith.

We have lived at Slate Rigg Farm for over 35 years. Both born locally, we obviously love this part of the country as we've never desired to live anywhere else. When we were farming fulltime it was always difficult to get away for a break so when we did we tended to to it properly and go for it. Fortunately for us our two girls have been adventurous and we've had the excuse to follow where they've lead. So we've visited China, Claire our eldest lived there for a couple of years and New Zealand as Vicki our youngest lives there now. In between South Africa, Peru and Brazil were on the list. Those of you that know Keith will realize that most of where we've been are well out of his comfort zone but he never wanted to be left at home alone either. But wherever we've travelled, coming home was the best bit!

Now we have taken a step back from farming (although I don't think anyone told Keith, he loves his tractor to much) we have more time to spend with our granddaughters Jessica and Rose and Crumble our Golden Retriever. 

We converted the cottages over twelve years ago although it still seems like yesterday. Before that they were lastly used as sheep housing, who I'm sure didn't appreciate the view they had! The cottages took us a while, but doing them ourselves at least we now know how to back stone off, cut insulation sheets and many other jobs (don't mention decorating to me). And that was all done whilst lambing sheep and combining wheat.  

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