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April 2024

Hello everyone, long time no write, sorry! I could ask, where does the time go but I know everyone says the same. We’re approaching mid April now and yes, still raining. Boris (the robot lawnmower) is really struggling, we’re thinking of fitting water wings on him but are sure it’s going to dry up soon – I do hope we’re right.

I’ve just booked Truffle in for her Spring haircut, so looking forward to seeing our other dog, the one that appears when she comes back from the groomers. The first time we had her clipped we thought we’d got the wrong dog back! If I’m brave, I’ll put a photo up of before and after.

Keith’s busy making a log splitter to chop a couple trees up that we had to take down because of Ash dieback. The tree by the pond was particularly rotten and was in danger of falling on the Beehives or into the pond. We planted six saplings last year in place of the two we’ve taken down. And I’ve two Horse Chestnuts in pots that have got to about 18 inches tall, we’ll have to find a safe place for those, and then the cattle won’t eat them.

In January we had a lovely holiday in Vietnam. Those of you that know Keith wonder how I manage to get him away from Slate Rigg to go on holiday, well I nearly give up, but the last push (that’s a proper physical one) is always worth it as he enjoys himself when he gets there! We had a wonderful time and would recommend the country to anyone.

Hopefully, by the time I catch up with you again it will have stopped raining and we’ll have seen some sun. Have a lovely summer and hope to see you soon. XX

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