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Welcome 2022

Well, we certainly can’t complain about the weather we’ve had in January. It has been the sunniest January for years, hopefully we won’t have to make up for it in the next couple of months.

We’ve been very lucky; at the time of writing no one has succumbed to the virus in our family and we’re all tripled vaccinated except the 2 little ones. Of course, there’s time yet but hopefully the ‘ones in power’ seem to think we’re over the worse of it. Fingers crossed they know what they’re talking about?

Our big news to start the year is that we’re to become Grandparents again. Vicki and Neil in New Zealand are expecting their 1st child in July and we’re so pleased for them. It also means a great excuse to visit them more often!

Following closely with that big news is the arrival of Truffle, our new puppy. She’s a Spanish Water Dog. After losing Crumble last September, we went through the agony of saying never again and then, of course you miss having a dog about the place. So now we’re in the process of remembering exactly what work a puppy brings! The toilet training and very sharp teeth are the main issues we’re facing. But this weekend she’s fully vaccinated so we can get out and about to loose some of this energy we’ve got – that’s Truffle not us!

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