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October 2021

I think I can safely say autumn is here. The temperature has dropped and the rain has appeared! But, to be fair the summer has been a lovely one up to the end and as a season lover, the 'Backend' for me is a favorite.

The thing that has dominated the last month for us is the sad passing of our Golden Retriever, Crumble. It all happened very quickly, at lunch time something wasn't right so I took her to the vets and by bedtime they called us in to say goodbye. She'd had a bleed on the brain and there was nothing they could do for her. We were there as she went to sleep and we brought her home and buried her in the field so she can always be close to us. Anyone who has lost a pet knows how they become a part of the family and what a big hole they leave behind. Our five year old granddaughter asked who was going to play football and Frisbee with her now - Crumble was a expert at both. And the one year old is missing her pal that use to sit beside the highchair waiting for the unwanted lunchtime titbits that came overboard.

But, life goes on, as they say.

We've missed a trip to New Zealand this year, due to Covid, and not sure when travel will restart to that part of the world again. We miss seeing Vicki and Neil, but Skype is a wonderful invention which keeps us in-touch.

Our Granddaughters are a delight, now Jessica's at school, Year One, she loves reading to Rose, who in turn worships her big sister. Rose has finally let go of the remaining finger that had to go everywhere with her (didn't matter who's), she is now toddling around getting into mischief!

Bramble and Buttercup have been in big demand since opening up again and it's lovely to see everyone back and in good health. Boris has been a source of entertainment for everyone. Folk try to see a pattern in what he does but it's a bit like the other Boris, tends to go round in circles but gets there eventually! Our ducks have managed to keep out of his way and are all still safe.

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