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News 2018

Well we’re well on our way through another year. It always surprises me how they fly past, even after I’ve had so many (just got that in before you did!). Keith and I are on our own again and Crumble’s on a diet after helping Jessica, who from her highchair thought it was a great game – one piece of dinner for Jessica and one piece for Crumble. Claire and Ed moved into their new home at the beginning of December, just after we arrived home from a month in New Zealand visiting Vicki. That’s something I never thought I’d hear myself say, but this semi retirement is working for me! Keith keeps himself busy and when he doesn’t I do. We have a pond in the front field which has never been looked after, for the last probably 100 years, so now we have time the digger’s been in and it looks as if there’s been a tsunami! With all the wet weather we’ve had it’s been too wet to continue but it’s a work in progress and when it’s finished I’m sure the ducks and wildlife will love it.

The cottages have both been decorated this spring and have a busy summer in front of them with only a few weeks available until November. It is lovely to see our regulars arrive again and always hope they bring the sunshine with them.

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