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Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Well it’s nearly the end of July and we’re in a mini heatwave. They think the temperature will high an all time high somewhere in the country today! I just know it’s hot.

We have new arrivals. Two and a half weeks ago now one of our three Indian Runner Ducks hatched 14 ducklings. Thought they’d never stop coming out of the shrubbery! She’s had four yellow, one gold and the rest are a mixture of black with yellow bibs and assorted mottles. We’ve had to keep them penned in the corner for now as Daddy Duck doesn’t think much to the new arrivals and would kill them if he could. Another week or two and they will be big enough to either fight back or run away – and Mummy is an excellent Mother who will fight their corner for them. I’m thinking we may have to find homes for some of them as 17 ducks is rather a lot.

The cottages are doing well, with lots of regulars, which we love to see and one or two ‘newbies’ which we hope to turn into regulars. Bookings for next year are already doing well and I’ve even taken the odd one for 2021!

I’ll try and put some photo’s on the gallery page of the ducklings as they grow.

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