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News 2021

Firstly I have to thank my very clever daughter Claire for making my new website. The old one was so difficult to post new photo's and change things that I'd given up the will! Hopefully this one will be easy for me to keep upto date.

Well 2020 was a year wasn't it. A bit of a disaster for everyone but there were good things to look back on. Our main one was the safe arrival of our second granddaughter Rose. At least we'll always remember which year she was born! Fortunately she has her big sister Jessica, who loves her to bits, to play with as it's been tough on both of them in lockdown - nevermind their parents! Our other daughter Vicki is still in New Zealand with her partner Neil, they managed to keep a lid on the coronavirus down under and are all ok. Not too sure when we'll be able to see them again but hopefully if things go to plan maybe in the next year.

Keith had a bit of an accident last October - a roller shutter door decided it didn't want to hang 5 meters up anymore and when he went to shut it it came down with a bang. Fortunately it just missed him, scraping down his forehead, chin, chest and leg but catching his hand which was a bit of a mess. After a night in hospital and a few stiches later he came home with a requested pink pot on his hand much to Jessica's delight. His hand is mending nicely now 4 months later.

The cottages are almost fully booked for the year, with Bramble booked until late October and Buttercup until December, so if Boris can make everyone do as they're told in the next month or so life looks good for the summer. We just want the weather to behave itself and soon Covid will be a distance memory.

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