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News April 2021

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

We're open and happy to see everyone again!

Well I hope everyone's fit and fine and full of fettle, as we say up here. It seems like a long time since we had visitors but hopefully we're now on the right track and getting back to something like a new normal. Crumble is looking forward to seeing everyone and Keith has a new helper. He's got 'Boris the Bot' to help cut the lawns for him so he doesn't have to spend all day on the ride-on lawnmower (funny how now he's got the job that I've been doing for years he finds a helper!). Boris is doing a good job so far, he spends two hours on each lawn then has a coffee (recharge) and then moves to the next lawn. We haven't put traffic lights up but he does have specific crossings so please be careful when driving in and out if Boris is at the side of the lawns (he does tend to turn quite sharply onto his crossing).

At the moment we're fully booked apart from a two weeks in August that have been cancelled due to ill health. Fingers crossed due to our excellent vaccination program in this country we won't see a fourth wave of Covid and holidays will be able to continue to take place.

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